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04 July 2011 @ 07:42 pm
Yay! Tackey&Tsubasa new single officialy announced! :D  
「Journey Journey~ボクラノミライ~」is the 12th single and will be released on 8/31! :D
The song is said to have a happy and soft pop beat :D

The single comes with three versions:
• Limited A (with DVD) → with the PV and the Off shots
• Limited B (with DVD) → with two versions of the PV: Tackey's and Tsubasa's.
• Regularr version C → with two songs: "Love is all" and "Ai wa Takaramono (Remix) 

Tsubasa already said I think 2 weeks ago that they were filming the PV~ So this was just about to come :D

Source: jnews

Yay!! :D I can't stop dancing, now~ 
Though the remix thing is scary D:
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