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14 July 2011 @ 09:57 pm
comeback :D  
Let's see,
Firstly on the bad news: I have anemia again :D End.

In these past days I've been finishing some spring dramas and I've started a pair of new ones :D
The ones I've finished:
- Good Life: It's a remake from a Korean film. I didn't watch that film but the drama was heart melting. It's about a father that only cares for work and because of that his wife runs away from him and so he has to rise his son alone. But then the son is diagnosted with leukemia. Aww, I cried at some parts, and the boy is so cute♥ I liked it.

- JIN 2: OMG, just simply fcking good. I was scared for that season because usually 2 seasons are nothing but disappointing, but this isn't one of them. That second part was even better than the first one! We finally get to know who really was that guy with cancer and wth is that tumor. And also that season we get to see more Jin-Saki centered scenes♥ :D I have nothing to complain about this drama.

- Rebound: sorry but Nobuko got on my nerves. I love Aibu Saki, but seeing her talking as if she had a sock on is mouth and that laugh and all... just no. D: I think she overreacted, and so did Mokomichi u_u I know that this is what is comedy but D: Anyway, at some point got a little more interesting.

- Inu wo kau: Good but not a masterpiece. At some times boring, but that cute girl is♥ And what was the point to have Taguchi there? He did nothing, almost I forgot he was also there D:

The ones I'm going to finish soon:
- Umareru: Just how miserable is that family D: I feel frustrated watching this drama because almost nothing good happens, or nothing good to Ohkura, better said. However, I really like this drama :D Let's just see how it ends~

- Shiawase ni narou yo: Uhm... I like it, buuuuuuuuuuut, idk, there's something that bores me. Although I'm at some point somehow interesting :D The apparences of Yuta aren't brilliant but he looks so good as a high schooler xD 

- Koukousei Restaurant: I like that one to :D Not only for Mabo or Kamiki, but just all together. The ost and all too :D I don't feel bored watching it.

The one I'm holding for a while:
- Marumo no okite: It's boring also at some parts, but it's ok. Just that Mukku's voice is somewhat irritating for me xD I'm sorry xD

The ones I've just started:
- Soredemo Ikite yuku: lol, is like those indies films that you don't really understand anything and makes you go 'what I'm living for D:' But then, the last 5 minutes turned on the most interesting drama from these times xD I was frsutrated that it just started xD I wanted mooooore. Also, at the begining Eita had a weird hairdo but then he cut it and became the most beautiful man ever, well just one of them xD Also I'm looking forward to Kazapon~ 

- HanaKimi 2011: WTF is that. D: 20 minuts and I though I was going to die. I didn't expected for a moment to be comparable to the original one, but I wasn't ecpecting to be that... bad. The sequences go so quickly and I miss some things from the older one. Also I have problems to recognize some of the boys, and most of them aren't to be called ikemen, but well, that's fine with me :/ Also, I don't like Atsuko, but as a boy is cute, cutter than Maki I think xD And Shohei... I love him and i think he's doing a good job, unless some times he seems a cheap copy of Toma-Nakatsu u_u *sighs* Although I say this, I'm sure I'll end up watching all the thing xD

- Bull doctor: Hey! how many actors/actresses can I recognize there? :D There's Goro-chan, then Satomi, Mirai, Fumiya-san (lol that guy, he's everywhere xD), that new guy from Misaki no1, Kame's former teacher on yuuki, but the most important: THERE'S TOOOOOOOOOOM ;__________; OMG I miss so much that guy in Domoto Kyodai ;____;♥ Also, the drama is somehow interesting :D


Later I'll watch Zenkai Girl, but I want to watch Hanawake too~ I hope someone is subtitling it ;__; And tomorrow I'll watch GANTZ too~♥ :D

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