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19 December 2012 @ 07:58 pm
#1 - Books  

It's been a while, but finally I can say I'm on holidays 8D
I've been pretty busy with uni-works and exams and so, and I still am, but I can be more relaxed now that Christmas holidays are here. (january will be like the end of the world, though)

Good things:
- had a nice experience living 2 weeks in Hamburg with a host family in september
- I'm into books again (but I'm a racist, only reading books of japanese authors, lol)
- overall really good marks on japanese :D (not sure about other subjects. In fact I'm a bit scared 8D)
- I'm discovering a new part of me, although I still don't know if its a good or a bad thing

Bad things:
- lots of friends went away to study abroad and I'm feeling lonely without them >__<
- in summer I had a little crisis that lead me to depression (I'm still with medication, but I'm better :D)
- it's not because of lazyness (I'm really lazy, though) but lately it's pretty hard for me doing things I used to do regulary before. I get tired so easily >__< Maybe beacuse of medication
- a few weeks ago my ipod trolled me and had restored by itself (about 9000 songs lost since I didn't had music saved on pc u__u)
- didn't have time to watch dramas and I doubt I can watch much during holidays either *sighs*
- got only 70pt in today's japanese test ↓↓

Books I read:
- Kawabata, Yasunari: The House of the Sleeping Beauties
- Lu Xun: A Madman's Diary and other stories
- Oe, Kenzaburo: A Personal Matter
- Oe, Kenzaburo: The Changeling
- Ogawa, Yoko: Hotel Iris

And I just got three more (thin) books to read these holidays :D 
- Dai, Sijie: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
- Mishima, Yukio: The Sound of Waves
- Yoshimoto, Banana: Tsugumi (← I already read it long time ago but found it on the library and I felt like reading it again :D)

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