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05 September 2011 @ 01:46 pm
Long time no see :D
As LJ was having problems... like a month ago (8D) I got annoyed. I even started a tumblr. so lately I'm not posting at all. I'm actually checking LJ now and then so it's not like I'm not here anymore xD

Oh, in 2 days I'll go under surgery finally to correct my breathing problems :D So I'm actually quite nervous. 

I just went here to tell everyone this will be one of my best birthdays since:
- I'll turn 20
- A.N.Jell is debuting (well... they'll release and album)
- Tumbling stageplay (II) DVD released Taiyoou♥
- ONE OK ROCK new album♥
- . . .

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
miss dee :3pandapaw on September 14th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
excuse me for intrudeing i was reading your blog, i hope you dont mind
i really pray for your sugury to go well dear
as i will on monday will go under sugury for my spine
i have scoliosis
i am a jonnys fan like you!
i hope you dont mind me leveing you a message :)
my name is emma , nice to meet you!
i saw you on someone elses journal with an akito icon ^^
i love bad too junta is cute
unknown_pig: happyunknown_pig on September 14th, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, hi there, Emma! \:D/
Nice to meet you too!
My surgery went well, although I must say I had problems with the anesthesia, but that's because my body strengh is so weak >_< A part ftom this went well :D I'm recovering quicklly and next monday I'll be able to start collage without problems n__n
Your surgery seems really more complicate than mine's but It will go well for sure :D I'll pray for you♥

BAD are pure ♥ :D Both of them are awesome and need more fans~ xD
miss dee :3pandapaw on September 14th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
im glad yours went well :)
i hope you enjoy your collage too!
yes mine will take 6 months for me to recover and im restricted from alot of things! but i been though it before, worse time in my life i gotta say but i wanna really push myself to get better quicker this time!
haha i got a dvd of them a while ago jdrama i think its called :)
its pritty funny, i love akitos expressions he is such a happy go lucky kinda persion
at the moment im really into a.b.c-z at the moment D: that reminds me, did u hear about they will add 2 members to the group and will be recaled abc-xyz?
im not happy about that >.
unknown_pig: Nakai sadunknown_pig on September 14th, 2011 07:41 pm (UTC)
As I though yours is way more relevant >_<
I was able to choose wether to take the surgery or not, but I wanted to try because I couldn't get worse and I want my health to be at least as good as the others. Anything that is done wanting to improve is good, I think. I really hope that you can get well after the surgery and have a quick and fantastic recovery♥

Jdrama~ xD Those random dramas from Kansai Juniors are Gold xD♥ I love Akito's way of living xD And only with watching his smile it's like I can't stop smiling too xD I love him xD

I always loved ABC and that stupid experiment of Johnny's is driving me crazy D:> That ABC-xyZ whatever is called (That name is getting more and more difficult to say xD) I don't approve at all. I want ABC-Z to debut, but just the way they're now! ;_______; And we're reaching the 4th anniversary of JUMP which means the 4th year without Ya-Ya-Yah and I just want to cry TT________TT Stop making stupid groups that way!
miss dee :3pandapaw on September 14th, 2011 07:53 pm (UTC)
thank you
yes mine was also a choise becaise im a adult but its like saying
you can have it and get better or you can not and get worse its your choise!
lol when akito smiles i smile aswell, u cant help it really!
i read a mag artical on him, he has a flying squirral as a pet!
im quite jellous, there adorable little things but cost alot and hard to look after but im shure he is a great owner ^^! i think a pet like that sutes him aswell :)
ya ya yah is what brought me to jonnys, yabu started me off till i saw shoon and god he is my no 1 fave even though he has left he will remain my fave, ah i tryed to talk to him actuly xD he does live chats and i was in one, though i couldent understand what they were saying it was nice to see shoon and his brother :)!
yes i thought that too and the band members of a.b.c-z should stand there ground and say no we were here as 4 then u added some one thats fine but no more, we are staying like this till we debut if not then we will keep trying!
if they add 2 more it will make me angry! its hard haveing all these bands and people adding memebers , there is hardly screen time for 1 these days, like kis my ft2 only 3 members get screen time and the others are shoved at the back, (i love yokoo btw <3) lol
sorry im ranting! its just nice to meet other fans because in real life no one i know likes jonnys! :)
miss dee :3pandapaw on September 14th, 2011 07:09 pm (UTC)
oh and also your birthday ?
mine was on the 1st ^^
im old, im 24 now DX
unknown_pig: bunnnnunknown_pig on September 14th, 2011 07:22 pm (UTC)
So your BD was on Sep. 1st? :D Happy belated birthday then~♥
Mine is on Oct. 5 :D Still three weeks to go! xD
24 years are still young! xD Don't mind! xD
miss dee :3pandapaw on September 14th, 2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
haha i feel old though
but people think i look 18 so thats alright for me xD
do u have anything planed for your day :)?
unknown_pig: HasshiFumiunknown_pig on September 14th, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
Then is good to look younger than you are xD That feels nice xDb
I don't have anything planned, to be honest :/ But maybe they will screen GANTZ on an important Film Festival near my town, so maybe I'll go and watch it as a present♥ xD I've never really celebrated my BD but maybe for my 20th I should do something... xD
miss dee :3pandapaw on September 14th, 2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
i would do something :)
for my 24th i did nothing, the next day i went for a pre op and in the end turned out to be a outing, it was in london we went to and i went to a japanese shop got some mags, i was happy and we stayed there all day and went to different areas in london so to me in the end that felt like a gift! the day before was so boring lol!